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Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy
Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition - Backgammon Galaxy

Luxury Backgammon Set, "Neptune" - Limited Edition

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Backgammon Reinvented

The game of backgammon is perfect, but the boards are not. Every single tournament-sized backgammon board out there, is an oversized and bulky suitcase that’s very difficult to carry around.

But not anymore. We have reinvented the board.

The “Neptune” board is perfect for any situation. It’s tournament-sized but in a space efficient and streamlined package. Going to the cafe, local events or travelling the world is now easier than ever, thanks to its main feature: the separate tray box.

The separate tray box is a standalone unit that fits inside the board during transportation. When you’re ready to play, just take it out and place it on either side of the board. Or you can even leave it at home and play “trayless” to be even more lightweight.

This freedom allows you to focus 100% on your game.

If you could choose one backgammon board for a lifetime - the “Neptune” board is the one!

Real version of our online board

Modelled from the board you know and love from our website, the aptly dubbed "Neptune Board" is a beautiful monolith that will surely impress your friends and opponents, whether you play at home or bring it with you to tournaments.

Premium Materials

Our skilled craftsmen have selected pristine materials for the board. The case is cut from a wonderful piece of beech wood and painted in a matte black color. The blackness of the case gives a razor sharp contrast to the blue felt surface.

The hefty yet elegant 44.2 mm marbled acrylic checkers presents a refined look. Sliding them smoothly across the felt offers the senses a delightful feeling.

Travel Made Easy

One of the primary design specifications of The Neptune Board was to solve the biggest problem of luxury backgammon boards: the ability to travel with them. Usually the luxury boards are too big and clunky and with a handle and locks.

We solved this problem with the innovative design idea by combining the two bear-off trays into one unique tray box that fits perfectly inside the board. Furthermore, the optimal playing dimensions of the interior also contribute to minimising exterior length of the board.

Separate Tray Box = Flexibility 

The unique separate tray box gives you multiple options for setting up the board. Want to cut down size and weight even further? No problem! Simply pack the checkers, dice, dice cups and cube into a small bag inside the board and leave the tray box at home. Now you have the barebones setup which is both lightweight and takes up minimal space on the table!

The separate tray box will also help you when setting up your board at crowded venues. You can place the dice tray exactly where you want and leave you room to breath.

Elevate the clock or scoreboard

Another handy feature is the ability to use one half of the tray box as a completely flat platform to elevate the game clock, dice tower or scoreboard.

Perfect Overview

Unlike many other boards we have decided to minimize the distance between the opposite facing 5-stacks. This means that you don't have to reach so far to move your checkers on your opponent's side of the board.

And believe it or not, this compact approach also improves your general overview of the position of the checkers, as your eye travels less. These are the same dimensions as the online Galaxy board, and we believe these are the optimal dimensions for a backgammon board.

Exclusive Ownership


Backgammon Galaxy will offer 50 “Neptune” boards once and never again. Each board comes with an official credit card sized certificate displaying its number out of the total of 50.

The serial numbers are provided on first come first serve basis, meaning you will get a lower serial number the earlier you place your order/reservation.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Neptune backgammon board
  • 1 x doubling cube
  • 1 x elegant bag for carrying the board
  • 1 x pouch for the checkers

Sent separately

  • 1 x serial card


    Additional Measurements

    Board Height (opened): 3,8 cm / 1,5 in
    Board Height (closed): 7,6 cm / 2,99 in
    Tray Box Height (opened): 3,2 cm / 1,26 in
    Tray Box Height (closed): 6,4 cm / 2,52 in

    Board Weight (w/ everything): 4,140 kg / 9,13 lb  
    Board Weight (w/o Tray Box): 2,140 kg / 4,72 lb  
    Tray Box Weight (w/ contents): 2 kg / 4,41 lb 

    Free Worldwide Shipping

    We ship the board to you at no additional cost.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Why only 50?

    Such a beautiful design (congrats to the designers) and wasted it with only 50 made? What a lost opportunity in my opinion, I want my first luxury board and this is it. I'm so sad (unless you do like, I think is Omega, which make hundreds of limit editions but they only change one tiny thing? Hope so, I want one.)

    Beautiful board

    I can't compare this to other luxury boards. Until now, the only physical board I've played on is the free board play65 sent when I deposited $50 or $100 to the site a decade and a half ago. I'm surprised that board didn't make Marc's epic board collection video... Like the Neptune board, it closes magnetically and has no attached bear-off tray. Also, it came with checkers, dice, a doubling cube, and a bag for these pieces. Other than that, there is no comparison.

    I was already considering purchasing an fmgammon board after seeing Marc's video and Justin McKenna's YouTube review of their beautiful Mete _ VIP Massif Beech board (which I may still have to purchase someday). I decided to buy the Neptune board though and I'm happy I did.

    Never having played on a luxury board, the combination of the playing surface, checkers and wood frame is indeed the feel of luxury. The dice cups are great, the cube with not-so-secret dice compartment is both practical and cool... There is not only a pouch for the checkers, but another pouch for protecting the board (in addition to the leather bag). The board was not cheap, but it doesn't feel cheap either and if you compare it to other luxury boards, the price was quite reasonable. Now I'm just waiting to get my serial card (somewhere in the 40s I think).

    When I first started playing, I played on a board that looked like I didn't take the game seriously (even if I did read Magriel, Classic Backgammon Revisited, Backgammon Praxis, and New Ideas in Backgammon). Renewing my backgammon obsession through XG2, backgammon galaxy, UBC, Marc's books, Michy's books, old YouTube videos from Falafel, and newer YouTube videos from Marc, Justin Nowell (ShotByJustin), Simon Barget (snua on galaxy, The Backgammon Academy on YouTube) and others definitely helped make coronavirus isolation more enjoyable as will the upcoming Mochy vs Hideaki matchup. Marc, it's time for a series of YouTube hype and prediction videos! (even if the event itself needs no hype) Here's hoping we get to the final game with the result yet to be determined. Hopefully the backgammon gods divvy up the luck a bit more equally this time.