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Backgammon Galaxy

Precision Dice Pair, Size 14mm (9/16”) Multiple Colors

Precision Dice Pair, Size 14mm (9/16”) Multiple Colors

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Note, currently shipping black and white dice from USA

Choose between multiple colors sized 14mm (9/16”). The perfect size for backgammon games.

What are Backgammon Precision Dice?

Precision dice are dice that weigh exactly the same on each face. This is important because normal dice produce a skewed distribution of rolls over time. Each dot on the dice is filled with a material that weighs the same as the main body of the die.

Our precision dice are manufactured with highly precise computer-controlled machinery.

Why Choose Precision Dice?

  1. Fairness: Precision dice provide a fair and balanced distribution of rolls, giving both players the same dice distribution.
  2. Improved decisionmaking: With more consistent rolls, precision dice can enhance the overall gameplay experience, allowing players to make better game theory optimal strategic decisions as the dice distribution is correct.

"Do you have precision dice with serial numbers?"

No, precision dice should not have serial numbers, even though this is a popular trend in the backgammon world.

Serial numbers are typically carved into the die without replacing the material, which effectively ruins the precision of the die. You should avoid using those dice for serious match play.

Creating true precision dice with serial numbers is possible, but would be extremely expensive due to the additional machinery and quality control required.

Shipping, Customs & VAT

Ships from the United States or Latvia (EU) depending on your location.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tudor Pogacean

Really nice color and nicely crafted! I just used them yesterday in my first live tournament and even if the room was not filled with enough light, I could easily read the dice.

İmam Bakır Batı
Wonderful Dice

The dice are flawless and very beautiful. Shipping was fast and products were carefully packaged. Thank you very much Baxkgammongalaxy..


High quality and quick delivery!

Thorsten Hoyer
New colours

Interesting new colours

A must for good games

I replaced the old dice with a set of precision dice. Anyone who plays backgammon knows the importance of dice in a fair game. Backgammon Galaxy had the best selection and price. Very satisified.