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Backgammon ebook - The 2nd Roll

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Never make mistakes in the opening game again

Think about it, how often do you need to play the second roll in a backgammon game? Almost ALL of them!

This means that if you got some leaks and weak points in your opening knowledge your game will suffer a lot overall.

The fast way to a lower PR

By improving your opening theory you will tap into the fastest way to permanently improve your Performance Rating and win more games.

Written by the best

The ebook is written in collaboration with Backgammon Galaxy and a top Backgammon Player who is specialized in the opening game. As Marc Olsen explains:

"I consider myself very knowledgeable in all aspects of backgammon theory, but I picked up a lot of new ideas about the opening game in this ebook. I can definitely recommend it to anyone, who has the urge to improve their game. "

For intermediates and Grand Masters

This holds true for any skill level. If you're an advanced player you will find some knowledge nuggets you didn't know to nudge your skill level just a few crucial places higher. Then again, if you're an intermediate player you can read, learn, and adapt new ideas quickly - and return to the ebook to refine your understanding as you progress.

If you're a complete beginner this is not an ebook for you.

What will you get?

20 pages of pure backgammon theory and practical examples. The author goes through examples and explains common patterns and rules to follow for the 2nd roll.

How can I read the ebook?

The ebook comes in a beautiful pdf design that can be viewed on:

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

How do get the ebook?

It's easy!

  1. Just add to cart
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  4. Instantly download the ebook from our site or from the email we will send you

Disclaimer: Please note that an ebook is not a physical book, but a digital version of a book.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Quick read, Good infos

I loved it, the only negative point: I had to use Photoshop to convert in B&W and Invert the pages so I could print it.
I know that some people are complaining about the price of the ebook, but I think that all the backgammon books are expensive anyway (I own: Magriel, Mark Olsen's, 501 essential problems (Robertie) and Michihito's books (my personnal favorites).

Uwe Kellner-Werdehausen

Very good information about the 2nd roll in BG.
You can also immediately apply what you have read and always learn something new, even if you have been playing BG for many years....

Christos Bakalidis

Backgammon ebook - The 2nd Roll


Very valuable booklet.

massimiliano tognazza
very Helpful

very helpful. another topic explained by GM Mark Olsen in a simple and intuitive way.