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Backgammon Galaxy

Marc Olsen

Marc Olsen

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The Modern Backgammon Philosopher

What’s the focal point of the most busy player in modern backgammon?

Marc is the CEO of Backgammon Galaxy, runs his own youtube backgammon channel, a teaches students, and finds time to write books on the side such as Pure Strategy and Cube like a Boss.

It all boils down to his relentless passion for learning and studying backgammon.

In essence, Marc is a backgammon philosopher who not just plays and plays, but takes a step back to find innovative ways of understanding the game.

An Eager Teacher

If you’ve ever been in the same room as a passionate person you’ll have witnessed how it glows off of them.

Marc will wholeheartedly share his passion with you when he teaches.

Cube like a Boss or a Pure Strategist?

The biggest benefit Marc will share with you is his innovative methods to quickly and effortlessly understand and analyse backgammon positions.

Sometimes it helps reading a book, but getting further personalized guidance can provide the final piece of the puzzle.

Marc can definitlely improve any aspect of your game and solve your weakspots whether they are in checker- or cube play.

Get an Exclusive Session

Being the CEO of Backgammon Galaxy Marc has limited availability. However, he will take his time with you and give you the best possible teaching experience.

Book an exclusive session with Marc when he is available as his time slots quickly run out. If he is not available it is indicated here on the site.

The teaching process

After paying for the desired hours the teaching plan is quite simple:

  1. You and your teacher exchange contact details automatically via our shop.
  2. You and your teacher discuss areas of interest and scheduling by e-mail.
  3. Typically teaching begins via Skype or Zoom.

Quite simple right?

Teaching languages

English and Danish.

Further questions?

Do not hesitate contacting us to get further clarifications. We want to give you the best learning experience money can buy!


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Customer Reviews

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john Brown

Marc is a wonderful and engaging teacher who makes learning backgammon as fun as he makes it educational . I look forward to additional lessons in the near future