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Backgammon Galaxy

Play Mochy! Try your luck against the best in the world, Great Gift Idea, 3, 7, or 11point match online with private Zoom/Skype session

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Do You Dream of Beating the Elite?

Now is your chance to play the number 1 backgammon player in the world - Mochizuki "Mochy" Masayuki!

During the online match, you will test your skills against the reigning UBC and World Champion. Do you have what it takes to beat Mochy? There is only one way to find out!

How it Works

  • Enjoy the game as well as friendly conversation during the match with Mochy. After the match you receive useful advice on your plays and ways to improve.
  • The game will be played online with Zoom/Skype video call.
  • Time control will be casual, so there is plenty of time to think and communicate.
  • Recording will be provided on request.
  • Entire session time (minimum): 3p match = 30min, 7p match = 60min, 11p match = 90min
  • If match ends ealier than these time, mochy will play another one or discuss the positions or giving advices.

Special Bonus!

If you beat Mochy for 7-point or more, you receive a special online certificate to brag!

How to Set it Up

After making a purchase you will be contacted as fast as possible, and a time will be set up.

You will then play online at the scheduled time while you are on a shared Zoom meeting with Mochy.

It's very easy!