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Zdenek “ZZ_” Zizka - Backgammon Galaxy Tutor

Zdenek “ZZ_” Zizka

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The Crowned King of Online Backgammon

Zdenek Zizka is a young guy from the Czech Republic who quickly gained attention for his superior talent. 

On Backgammon Galaxy Zizka dominated the rankings almost from day 1, and he has been able to brush aside all rivals. As the backgammon platform gains popularity who knows if he can hold the crown, but as it stands today Zdenek Zizka is the unrivaled online backgammon king!

An intutive teaching style

Zdenek doesn’t understand backgammon like a computer though he performs like on. His way of thinking is based on intuition and more human ways of telling stories about the game.

He owes his philosophy to his mentor, the legend Falafel, who was famous for his unmatched intuition.

As a student Zdenek shares this mindset with you and you’ll learn backgammon in a more organic way without cold computer-like calculations.

The teaching process

After paying for the desired hours the teaching plan is quite simple:

  1. You and your teacher exchange contact details automatically via our shop.
  2. You and your teacher discuss areas of interest and scheduling by e-mail.
  3. Typically teaching begins via Skype or Zoom.

Quite simple right?

Teaching languages

English and Czech.

Further questions?

Do not hesitate contacting us to get further clarifications. We want to give you the best learning experience money can buy!

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