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Backgammon Galaxy

Adventure Board, Neptune, Nebula or Earth Edition, Luxury Travel Set, Unisex Style, Carry Bag included

Adventure Board, Neptune, Nebula or Earth Edition, Luxury Travel Set, Unisex Style, Carry Bag included

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The Ultimate Travel Board

Backgammon Galaxy blended together two concepts: travel backgammon and high-end luxury. The Adventure board is probably the ultimate travel board in the world!

Cute, Sexy, Attractive

The board is painted jet black with carefully rounded corners and black hinges. This makes the colors inside the frame fantastically vibrant.

The glossy finger dish checkers are like fun little gemstones each with a tactile dimple that gives them a delightful look and feel.

Sit at a cafe and have a match. On-lookers and passers-by will comment and ask you about this unique and attractive board.

Holidays or Tournaments

You can bring this board anywhere. You can easily bring it around the world. It fits in a suitcase or under the arm.

What makes it more special is that you can be proud to even use it as a tournament board.

Though its checkers are smaller than those of a normal tournament size board the beauty of the board will make any opponent itch to play on it.

Gift Success Guaranteed

If you’re looking around for a special gift for a special person this set is an amazing idea for him or her. The set is simply irresistible to any lucky recipient.

Unisex Choice

The Adventure board is a step further in the Backgammon Galaxy quest for renewed backgammon design.

Most boards are not made for both men and women. Usually, they are huge and heavy suitcases that are not attractive for both genders.

With the Adventure board's compact package this old design language is renewed.

What comes with the set

  • Backgammon board with either "Neptune", "Nebula" or "Earth (blue, purple or green) styled playing surface.
  • Doubling cube
  • Two dice cups
  • A checker box
  • 30 checkers matching your choice of playing surface.
  • Elegant carrying bag
  • Galaxy Scoreboard


adventure board measurements

Closed Board:

Length Width Height
Metric 42 cm 24 cm 7.5 cm
Imperial 16.5 in 9.4 in 2.95 in



Diameter Height
Metric 35 mm 11 mm
Imperial 1.38 in

 0.43 in


Size comparison closed board: 

Void board versus Adventure board measurements


Board: Painted beech

Carry Bag: Vegan leather

Checkers: Acrylic

Checker Tray: Vegan leather

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I picked up the Earth Adventure Board, and it is stunning! I have played on the full size Earth Board, and this feels just as good but in a smaller package.

I am very happy with this board, only thing is I would recommend picking up a set of precision dice to round this set out.

Yves Mehli

Adventure Board, Neptune, Nebula or Earth Edition, Luxury Travel Set, Unisex Style, Carry Bag included

Perfect combination

I’ve written a review of the Earth Board and waited until we were on holiday with our new Adventure Board, before offering another review. Now that we have spent a few days on the Mediterranean and in the Alps, I can safely say we’ve enjoyed our Adventure Board every bit as much as our Earth Board! It is easier to carry around of course, but as with the Earth Board a joy to play on — the clicking sounds, the feel, all of it is the same, albeit on a board of smaller dimensions. And now that we own both an Earth Board (to keep at home) and an Adventure Board (to roam around with) I think we have a perfect combination and are done! Having said that, we’ll still buy Boards from Backgammon Galaxy as gifts for special friends who, like us, have re-discovered the magic of the game and will also keep a look out for new inlays! Please keep them coming!! And that Hera Board from FM Gammon looks mighty tempting! 😀

Board is superb

Board, checkers, dice are superb. Nothing to add or change. Pure joy of rolling the dice. Even the sound is not to be compared to anything else.
Tray and bag though are a bit of flaw. Especially that bag is vulnerable during packing and transport.
All in all very recommended and really once board is set to play you forget about anything else.

Viktor Grabner
Excellent board in a small package

I was looking for a very high quality board that is small enough to take with me when I visit friends (the carry bag is great!), or play at home while having it sit on a small side table. This board is perfect. Wonderful quality, the material and workmanship is excellent. The checkers, while smaller, feel great and slide perfectly. I love that they are double dished, feel great. The board itself is solid. The removable storage and bear off tray is brilliant, not only in reducing the size of the board (and giving more playing surface for its size,) but also in being flexible where to place it (we have a small side table, and just put the bear off tray on the floor next to it.) I've invited a few friends to play on this board and they all just want to keep on playing! Win or lose (alas, too much of the latter for me..) it's a delight to play on this board. Couldn't be happier. One more thing: Delivery from Istanbul to the West Coast of USA was amazingly fast.. how did you do it? Lastly, just one complaint: the dice are too small and not really in keeping with the luxurious feel of the board. Be prepared to find another set of dice to play with.