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Backgammon Galaxy

The VOID board, No. 2, Real Leather Package, Free Shipping

The VOID board, No. 2, Real Leather Package, Free Shipping

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The VOID board is going to be an instant classic in the Backgammon Galaxy universe.

The first 10 boards will be auctioned off one by one with a unique serial card belonging to each.

Now the 2nd board is up for sale. Who will win the board? Will it be you?

 Void board number 2 serial card

What’s different with the Real Leather package?

Besides the unique serial card you will get:

  • Leather outer case protection
  • Leather carry bag
  • Leatherbound Scoreboard
  • Dice box with 4 precision dice
  • Extra inlay set and checkers of your choice besides the VOID inlay style

Auction Information

Bidding starts at 1300 USD.

The winner will be declared through email privately.

The auction will be extended for some minutes each time a bid is placed after the set time is over.

All bids have been publicly set to anonymous, but the identity is know by Backgammon Galaxy.

Shipping, Customs & VAT

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