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Unboxing the Backgammon Galaxy Dice Tower (Best Dice Tower 2021)

Unboxing: Innovative Dice Tower from Backgammon Galaxy

This type of dice tower is something new in the world of backgammon. Normally dice towers are clunky plastic monsters.

They can be difficult to pack, and easy to break. What they do well is create noise!

Let us see how this Backgammon Galaxy dice tower compares.

First the package:

unopened package

It comes in a polymer bag and is clearly from Backgammon Galaxy with the logo showing.


dice tower unboxing

dice tower in opp bag

The dice tower comes in a sealed bag. Logo is clearly showing. Everything looks good so far!


Innovative dice tower foldable backgammon galaxy

The first impression is that it feels good. It isn't genuine leather, but the quality is sturdy, and the material is good.

back of foldable dice tower

The back of the dice tower leaves the same impression.

dice tower foldable

As you can see the dice tower is SUPER slim before unfolding it. It is going to fit easily in my backgammon case.

Unfolding it

innovative dice tower foldable backgammon galaxy

After having seen the video from Marc Olsen on Youtube I know it should be easy to unfold.

First I just grab it by the sides, and push in the flaps.

back of innovative dice tower foldable backgammon galaxy

The backside has a piece of leather partly covering the hole. This prevents the dice from jumping out from the back.

Bulge and un-bulge

innovative dice tower foldable backgammon galaxy

From first opening it it bulges out a bit, but to fix this permanently you just squeeze the dice tower inward and hold for 1-2 seconds. Then it will never bulge out again. 

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Setting it up

innovative dice tower foldable backgammon galaxy

It fits snuggly to my board and the dice fall easily into the board.


The dice tower makes minimal noise. It is actually less loud than even a dice cup.

Using it

It feels super fun and easy to set it up. After playing a match with it I can easily see myself using it permanently. It is very enjoyable to use since there is no noise, and I can roll just a second or two faster than with a dice cup. It feels like it has taken some effort out of playing, which is good.


The dice tower is quite cheap compared to the current competing products. It feels like a quality product that is easy to set up, enjoyable to use and also a fun gadget! It may actually become a permanent replacement for my dice cups!

 Get it here: Dice Tower