Kargo politikası

Shipping prices

We include shipping costs on all products in order to make the buying experience more transparent with no hidden costs.

Shipping times - personalized items

Personalized items featuring custom text takes 5-12 days to arrive.

Personalized items featuring custom artwork may take up to 25 days to arrive depending on demand.

If you are situated outside the EU or US delivery should be expected to take place at our longest estimate.

Shipping times - standard items

Delivery takes 5-12 days, but 80% of products arrive before 7 days.

Note that if you live outside the US or Europe shipping times may take up to 20 days, but should be expected to take about 14 days.

Customs and Importing

Our merchandise is either sent from Latvia, the US or Japan.

Our backgammon gear is sent from various locations specified in the listings.

You should assume that items are sent under the terms of Delivered At Place (DAP).

When the customer buys a product from a location where customs and VAT may apply, the customer will be the importer of the goods and is wholly responsible for the charges that may apply and responding to customs in a timely manner. Returns and costs that occur due to untimely or improper importing by the customer are not eligible for refund.

Corona virus

Shipping during these times may be highly unpredictable even after many months of this situation. If you order please have patience and allow at least 30 or more for your items to arrive. Most items should arrive timely, but often we see long delays.

The situation changes all the time and we just hope that the world returns to normal as fast as possible.