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Backgammon Galaxy

Backgammon Galaxy Doubling Cube

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A Backgammon Gemstone

Why would you need a special cube? You could just get cheap and simple doubling cube that would do the job?

For starters you are going to look at this cube for hours and hours when playing. Why would you ever choose to look at a piece of junk?

Get yourself something worth admiring. Your Backgammon Galaxy cubes are like a jewels or gemstones!

The swirls are almost alive and the colors change magically whenever light bounces off them. You’re definitely going to love this cube!

Basic Information

Metric Imperial
Size 38 mm  1.5”
Weight 65 g 2.3 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great cubes but now we need some brighter colors!

I love these cubes and they are such a great value at $25 each buy 2 get 1 for free. Can we get some brighter colors now please?!?! Orange anyone???

Hasan Kemal Karaca
Harika bir küp

1- Harika bir küp, çok sevdim. Çok memnun kaldım.
2- Zamanında gönderdiğiniz için de çok teşekkür ederim.

Richard Linnett
Cubey Dubey

Beautiful doubling cubes. Nice size. Great colors.Thank goodness BG understands the importance of a classy cube. Well done.


Backgammon Galaxy Doubling Cube

Amalia Hermosillo
Just as Expected!

Great cubes… great size.