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Backgammon Galaxy

Monte Carlo Grand Prix Board, Luxury Backgammon Set, Classic Backgammon Theme

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Shipping & Customs

Ships from Turkey

Free Shipping, Carry Bag and Precision Dice Included (dice ship separately from US or EU). As of July 31st we are sold out, but pre-order now to secure yourself a board in our next batch coming soon.

Making Backgammon Tuxedo Worthy

Backgammon Galaxy is noted for its modern designs. But we want to bring back tuxedo worthy backgammon sets as we know them from the 70s!

In those days backgammon was known for high rollers, gambling, elegance and class.

This board doesn’t reinvent anything. We just make it the best possible version of that vintage style! The colors are not just red, white and green. It’s a carefully tweaked and perfected color palette that gives that special feeling of nostalgia.

The checkers are not just white and black. They have a subtle smokey swirl flowing smoothly through them.

Backgammon Galaxy Dimension

The Monte Carlo board has our normal player-oriented dimensions that fits large checkers, but does not make the playing surface too big to view.

This feature is specifically important for players who want to play their best game and not make any mistakes.

These dimensions are the same across our Earth, Void and Monte Carlo boards.

Magfit Removable Surfaces

The board comes with our now well-known magnetic technology that makes it possible to swap inlays in and out.

Players who have inlays from Earth or Void boards can swap their inlays into the Monte Carlo board.


Void board measurement

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