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UBC donations - Backgammon Galaxy
UBC donations - Backgammon Galaxy
UBC donations - Backgammon Galaxy 200 usd - Receive Signed Poster

UBC donations

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Your donation is a big help

This years UBC has been a huge succes. Not only was it exciting, but also drew new players into backgammon. This is a goal we can probably all get behind! Now the videos will be on YouTube for years to come and inspire a new generation of players.

The event was not cheap, and we hope you will help us cover the costs and show appreciation to the volunteers. This will ensure we can keep it going for years!

A big thank you from the whole team!

A message from UBC host Marc Olsen:

“It was a blast hosting and commenting the UBC alongside Nick Blasier! Everything about the event was amazing - the players, the GMs we had on and the work of all the volunteers. Please help us by considering a donation!”

Signed Poster

For donations of 200 you have the option of getting a signed poster from Mochy and Ueda. This offer last until February 15th.