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Backgammon Galaxy

Adventure Board, Neptune, Nebula oder Earth Edition, Luxus-Reiseset, Unisex-Stil, inklusive Tragetasche

Adventure Board, Neptune, Nebula oder Earth Edition, Luxus-Reiseset, Unisex-Stil, inklusive Tragetasche

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Das ultimative Reisebrett

Backgammon Galaxy vereinte zwei Konzepte: Reise-Backgammon und High-End-Luxus. Das Adventure Board ist wahrscheinlich das ultimative Reiseboard der Welt!

Süß, sexy, attraktiv

Das Brett ist tiefschwarz lackiert, mit sorgfältig abgerundeten Ecken und schwarzen Scharnieren. Dadurch wirken die Farben im Inneren des Rahmens fantastisch lebendig.

Die glänzenden Finger-Dish-Checker sind wie lustige kleine Edelsteine, jeder mit einer fühlbaren Vertiefung, die ihnen ein entzückendes Aussehen und Gefühl verleiht.

Setzen Sie sich in ein Café und trinken Sie ein Streichholz. Zuschauer und Passanten werden Kommentare abgeben und Sie zu dieser einzigartigen und attraktiven Board befragen.

Feiertage oder Turniere

Sie können dieses Board überall hin mitnehmen. Sie können es problemlos um die ganze Welt bringen. Es passt in einen Koffer oder unter den Arm.

Das Besondere daran ist, dass Sie stolz darauf sein können, es sogar als Turnierbrett zu verwenden.

Obwohl seine Steine ​​kleiner sind als die eines Bretts in normaler Turniergröße, wird die Schönheit des Bretts bei jedem Gegner Lust darauf machen, darauf zu spielen.

Geschenkerfolg garantiert

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einem besonderen Geschenk für eine besondere Person sind, ist dieses Set eine tolle Idee für sie oder ihn. Das Set ist für jeden glücklichen Empfänger einfach unwiderstehlich.


Das Adventure-Brett ist ein weiterer Schritt in der Suche von Backgammon Galaxy nach einem erneuerten Backgammon-Design.

Die meisten Boards sind nicht sowohl für Männer als auch für Frauen geeignet. Meist handelt es sich um riesige und schwere Koffer, die für beide Geschlechter nicht attraktiv sind.

Mit dem kompakten Paket des Adventure Boards wird diese alte Designsprache erneuert.

Was ist im Set enthalten?

  • Backgammon-Brett mit Spieloberfläche im „Neptune“, „Nebula“ oder „Earth“-Stil (blau, lila oder grün) .
  • Verdoppelungswürfel
  • Zwei Würfelbecher
  • Ein Kontrollkästchen
  • 30 Steine ​​passend zur Spieloberfläche Ihrer Wahl.
  • Elegante Tragetasche


Abmessungen des Abenteuerbretts

Geschlossener Vorstand:

Länge Breite Höhe
Metrisch 42 cm 24 cm 7,5 cm
Kaiserliche 16,5 Zoll 9,4 Zoll 2,95 Zoll



Durchmesser Höhe
Metrisch 35 mm 11 mm
Kaiserliche 1,38 Zoll

0,43 Zoll


Größenvergleich geschlossenes Board:

Void-Board- und Adventure-Board-Messungen


Brett: Lackierte Buche

Tragetasche: Veganes Leder

Dame: Acryl

Kariertes Tablett: Veganes Leder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Andrew Damon
Neptune Board

Great board! Has an overall feel of high quality. Well made and good design. Haven’t received the precision dice yet.

Matthew Davis
Adventure Board

Very nice board we enjoy playing on it. Also appreciated the dice that were sent separately. The scoreboard is great!! Were looking forward to getting many years of enjoyment with our New Backgammon Galaxy Adventure Board "Neptune". The Checker box was different then shown in the video,, not wooden as videoed,, I understand that things change to maximize profits, nevertheless were happy,, Happy Rolls to y'all!!

Beautiful, but flawed...

I’m a recent newbie to Backgammon, and owe all my enthusiasm to Backgammon Galaxy. So much great and inspiring content on YouTube! Their app is also the best out there.

I decided to spend over my budget on my first board and go for the Adventure Board rather than something cheaper, because I wanted to feel inspired to play.

The board arrived super fast and beautifully packaged. However, once I opened the box, the playing surface had some deep gauges and some of the checker box dividers had become unstuck. There were also no precision dice.

I was able to remove the gauges on the playing surface with some gentle brushing, but not completely. The dividers issue was fixed by gluing them in place, but the process was a little stressful.

The Backgammon Galaxy team were quick to offer a solution to these issues, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. When you pay for what is described as a luxury item, you expect it to be ‘good to go’ straight out of the box.

Having said that, the set is beautiful. The perfect size for me to learn and play on, and the customer service I received was encouraging.

Philip George, III
Great value

I bought the Nebula Adventure board about a year ago, have been waiting to review. First, my board shipped without the precision dice. I contacted BGG and they immediately shipped a set to me. Great customer service. The dice are nice, I also bought a green set that look and play great on the purple playing surface. As other reviews have indicated, the boards come shipped in bomb-proof packaging. I love the extra care in travel protection so that the board arrives in the same condition it was sent.

The performance and feel of the checkers on the surface are amazing. My wife and I play on it all the time and it makes the game feel more important than it does on one of the smaller, travel boards from the 70s which is what we played on before I made this purchase. This playing experience makes you feel like Mochi or Marc whipping the nicely weighted checkers around the board with nearly no friction. I really like the adventure size. This is a board that we play at home and we don't really have a large space to dedicate to playing, we can pop open the adventure board and play on our coffee table and still have that tournament feel with our games. I also take it with me to family holidays and the fam loves it. I will also be taking the board to the local pubs to play with my friends. But a new board is like a new pair of shoes, you can't take it out in public and risk getting it dirty until you break them in a bit first. I love the magnet closure of the board, it holds together well and feels very secure. The board itself is a perfect weight. The beech was a good choice and the finish is beautiful. Nothing about the board, checkers, or cups feel cheap, it is a great, quality product. The closed board fits snugly in the carrying case which is great to have when taking your board out and about.

My only knock is with the checker box. The glue used to hold the divider pieces in place was either not strong enough, not the right glue for the material, or it was exposed to an extreme heat or cold when it should not have been. There are several connection points that are unattached (came that way), thus when the checkers and cups are in-use and you go to put everything back into the holder, it is a bit of a pain to hold the dividers in place to put everything back. Once the checkers and cups are in, they are fine, nothing moves around. I believe BGG are aware and working to correct, so that might be a non-issue on the holders now. I need to glue and set them back in place but haven't gotten around to it, like i said, not a major deal but when you spend a decent chunk of money on a BG board, you want to feel the quality down to the last detail. That said, I absolutely love my purchase and would do it again in an instant. At some point I will pull on a full size tournament board but for now the adventure board is perfect for me and my backgammon experience.

Great Board

I ordered the Adventure board. Really like it. Shipping was amazingly fast to the US and the item was very well packaged. Fit and finish is quite good. Some of the dividers in the tray box came loose but this was easily fixed with a couple of drops of super glue. Love the size of the board and the checkers are awesome. Playing surface is beautiful and smooth. I too was slightly disappointed with the dice. There was a mention of a discount code for the precision dice you just got in. How do I obtain that?

Hi there,
We are striving to include precision dice for all our luxury boards. Currently we are out of stock, but if you purchase a luxury board from us you can always check and ask us for a discount later on if your board did not have precision dice when you initially received it.

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