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Backgammon Galaxy

The Earth Board, Luxury Backgammon Set, Innovative Design, Eco-friendly

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The Earth Board 2.0 Has Arrived!

  • Hinge moved to the outside for added simplicity
  • Box Joint for added robustness
  • Oakwood instead of Beechwood for added character

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Our official unboxing video

Backgammon Reinvented

The game of backgammon is perfect, but the boards are not. Every single tournament-sized backgammon board out there is an oversized and bulky suitcase that’s very difficult to carry around.

But not anymore. We have reinvented the board.

The Earth Board is perfect for any situation. It’s tournament-sized but in a space-efficient and streamlined package. Going to the cafe, local events, or traveling the world is now easier than ever, thanks to its main feature: the separate tray box. 

A separate tray box is a standalone unit that fits inside the board during transportation. When you’re ready to play, just take it out and place it on either side of the board. Or you can leave the tray at home and instead place everything in the small zipper carrying case that comes with the board to be even more lightweight.

This freedom allows you to focus 100% on your game.

If you could choose one backgammon board for a lifetime - The Earth Board is the one!

Same dimensions as our online board

Modeled from the board you know and love from our website, the “Earth Board” will surely impress your friends and opponents, whether you play at home or bring it with you to tournaments.

Premium Materials

Our skilled craftsmen have selected pristine materials for the board. The case and tray box are cut from a wonderful piece of beech wood, which goes perfectly with the green hues of the playing surface as well as the golden touches of the hinges and logo plate on the outside of the case.

The hefty yet elegant 44.2 mm marbled acrylic checkers presents a refined look. Sliding them smoothly across the felt offers the senses a delightful feeling.

Travel made easy

One of the primary design specifications of the Earth Board was to solve the biggest problem of luxury backgammon boards: the ability to travel with them. Usually, the luxury boards are too big and clunky and a handle and locks.

We solved this problem with an innovative design idea by combining the two bear-off trays into one unique tray box that fits perfectly inside the board. Furthermore, the optimal playing dimensions of the interior also contribute to minimizing the exterior length of the board.

Improved lightweight version

Another upgrade since our Neptune board is the addition of a new travel-friendly bag for all the board components. You’ll now have the option of the elegant standard dice tray that you can carry inside the board as well as this lightweight bag. Zipping effortlessly around the world for backgammon tournaments is now one notch easier.

Easy to clean removable playing surface

We are introducing a novel feature to our already innovative travel design. The playing surfaces are now removable such that you may easily clean or replace the surface. Furthermore, the materials used for the surface provide a really solid feeling and bounce to the dice.

This mechanism is achieved by using magnets to hold down the playing surface. The technology is invented and patented by FM Gammon under the MagFit name.

MagFit logo

Backgammon Galaxy Colors

Consider adding an extra inlay set and checkers with our expertly balanced color swatches:

Backgammon Galaxy inlay set, neptune, jupiter, moon, earth
Earth board magfit inlays
Click HERE

Separate tray box = Flexibility

The unique separate tray box gives you multiple options for setting up the board. Want to cut down size and weight even further? No problem! Simply pack the checkers, dice, dice cups, and cube into the custom-designed zipper bag inside the board and leave the tray box at home. Now you have the barebones setup which is both lightweight and takes up minimal space on the table!

The separate tray box will also help you when setting up your board in crowded venues. You can place the dice tray exactly where you want and leave you room to breathe.

Elevate the clock or scoreboard

Another handy feature is the ability to use one half of the tray box as a completely flat platform to elevate the game clock, dice tower, or scoreboard.

Perfect overview

Unlike many other boards, we have decided to minimize the distance between the opposite-facing 5-stacks. This means that you don't have to reach so far to move your checkers on your opponent's side of the board. 

And believe it or not, this compact approach also improves your general overview of the position of the checkers, as your eye travels less. These are the same dimensions as the online Galaxy board, and we believe these are the optimal dimensions for a backgammon board.


Please ask us here. We are ready to answer any question you might have regarding The Earth Board or any of our other products!

Basic information

What comes with the set

  • Backgammon board with “Earth” styled removable playing surfaces
  • Checker trays: 1x wooden 1x lightweight
  • Doubling cube
  • Two dice cups
  • 15 green checkers and 15 white “finger dish” styled checkers
  • Elegant carrying bag
  • 4 standard dice
  • 2 white precision dice
  • Galaxy Scoreboard
  • Carry bag


Frame and dice tray: beech wood

Playing surface: felt on silicone

Checkers and dice: Resin

Carry Bag: Vegan leather


Additional Measurements

Board Height (opened): 3,8 cm / 1,5 in
Board Height (closed): 7,6 cm / 2,99 in
Tray Box Height (opened): 3,2 cm / 1,26 in
Tray Box Height (closed): 6,4 cm / 2,52 in

Board Weight (w/ everything): 4,140 kg / 9,13 lb  
Board Weight (w/o Tray Box): 2,140 kg / 4,72 lb  
Tray Box Weight (w/ contents): 2 kg / 4,41 lb 

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Brenda Bowen
Well worth the wait

Was on back order for 2 weeks and promptly shipped thereafter.

The innovations are what brought me here

Two big innovations convinced me to purchase the Earth Board: the MagFit surface and the removable bear-off tray. Combined with other features like the reduced depth of the play field, the lovely checkers, storage spots for everything, and the oh-so-special resonance of the wood frame, I'm more than satisfied with my purchase. I haven't experienced the original version, but I do appreciate the 2.0 updates, especially the hinge. There are some very minor imperfections (some would call it extra "character") which come from things being hand-made, but you can tell highly skilled artisans put this together. The only thing that was a bit disappointing were the tiny, non-precision dice included, but that wasn't too hard to remedy (get 14mm dice as 16mm dice don't fit in the cube).

It’s the total package!

First of all it is a beautiful board, so well made with quality materials and superb craftsmanship. It’s not too small and not too large, just perfect size. Also love the dice cups, wood cups with a very nice felt on the inside. The sound of the dice shaking in them is nice! The checkers have a very nice weight, nice slide on the board and a nice sound when moving the checkers against the sides of the board. Wood checker trays are so convenient because they can be stored inside the game when not using but also placed at the side of the open game to use for bearing off checkers and/or place for the scoreboard. One last thing, the doubling cube is so cool! Love how they integrated it also to be the dice holder. Everything was finished to perfection. I really can’t find any negatives from my prospective. This board is worth the money and would recommend this board to anyone looking for a quality board. Just buy it, you wont regret it.

A feast for the senses

We’ve had our Earth Board for six months now and while the dice delivered were not precision, the overall experience of it — just like Marc Olsen tells it, has been fantastic, from the clicks of the checkers against the wood, the feel of the checkers and the wood, and the look of it all (Earth, Neptune and Moon are a must) put it all together and the Earth Board is feast for the senses. Most importantly, it’s given me hours of joy with both my 20 year old son and 12 year old daughter which, given the madness around us, well … how do you put a price on that? Thank you Backgammon Galaxy and FM Gammon for bringing such a magnificent board to market!


What can i say...

I think the earth Board is the most beautiful backgammon board there is.

It has the perfect size, the checkers are great and i'm just loving the colors.
The natural wood case matches the green colors of the inlay perfectly. The cube is also really cool.

I was only a bit disappointet with the quality of some details. Also i think it's a pity that there are no precision dice included with a luxury board in that price range.
That is why i can only give 4 stars.