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Earth Board Unboxing

Void Board Curated Styles

The VOID Board, Curated Styles, Luxury Backgammon Set
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Hear it From our Customers

“I have both the Earth and VOID boards and all 6 currently available inlay colors and matching checkers! I can't even begin to describe how much fun it is to experiment with all of those combinations.

But I can see the benefits of a fixed playing field as well, and the Adventure boards are equally gorgeous.”

backgammon galaxy doubling cubes

Backgammon Galaxy Doubling Cubes

$25 or Buy 2-Get-1 Free

Get yourself something worth admiring. Your Backgammon Galaxy cubes are like a jewels or gemstones!

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  • VOID Board

    The VOID board is a piece of design excellence. You will find its beauty in a multitude of meticulously planned details. The black monolith is sure to take your breath away the first time you see it.

  • Adventure Board, Luxury travel backgammon board, nebula edition

    Adventure Board

    The Adventure board is to backgammon boards as a Porsche is to cars.

    Small and compact, yet totally sexy and luxurious. The perfect companion on the go.

  • earth backgammon board

    Earth Board

    Almost overwhelming you with its elegance the Earth board is a totally flawless blend of classic and modern.

    The innovative checker box and superb color palette sets it apart!


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The Backgammon Galaxy Team

Backgammon Galaxy founders, Wilson semilio, marc Olsen, Tue Rasmussen
From left to right: Wilson, Marc & Tue
Dear customer,
We’re the Galaxy team. In 2020 we launched the official Backgammon Galaxy store. We did this to realize our passion projects and put into action our knowledge of backgammon products!

Marc is the most well known member of our team as he is the Backgammon Galaxy CEO, Wilson is our invaluable designer who never stops until he reaches perfection and lastly Tue is the guy who puts all the pieces together to get the products launched and shipped in perfect condition to you.

Together, we work to innovate and launch the products we ourselves love to use!

When you buy from us you’re getting great value for you money and the best customer service you can imagine.

We hope to have you as a customer!

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play mochy, world champion GM Mochizuki Masayuki

Play Mochy!

You got the exclusive chance to get yourself an unique experience! 2 times World Champion Mochizuki “Mochy” Masayuki will play and give feedback on a match with you.