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Backgammon Galaxy

Precision dice pair, Multiple Colors and Sizes

Precision dice pair, Multiple Colors and Sizes

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Product Highlights

- High grade precision dice
- For perfect dice distribution during games


High grade acrylic


Small: 12.7mm (1/2")
Medium: 14.3mm (9/16")

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Premium Quality Precision Dice

Backgammon Galaxy is an original producer of backgammon precision dice. Our dice are made with the purest raw material unlike other producers of precision dice who may use secondary processed materials.

This guarantees no impurities in the individual die.

The dice are also made with high precision machines cutting each corner to microscopic perfection.

Our dice are subjected to thorough quality checks and packaged securely to arrive safely.

Why precision dice?

Precision dice are used to guarantee the correct dice distribution of rolls. Unlike non-precision dice that have small holes for each pip, precision dice pips are flush with the surface and filled with the same material as the main body of the die.

Avoid Serial Numbers

We are often asked about serialized dice. The technique to produce serial numbers will destroy the precision of the die as material is either added or removed from one side to etch the numbers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mikel van den Haak
Made in China

The dice are great but the big sticker made in China makes me rethink if I
want to buy a complete game.
(Maybe over priced?)

Hi Mikel,

There is a stigma about the three little words 'Made in China', because as we all know a lot of low quality products are made in China. It's not the full story any longer. It depends if the seller spends the time to curate their suppliers. Even Apple makes all their amazing products in China. We are not Apple, but our precision dice factory operates with a quality mindset, and we do a lot of quality checks. You can rest assured that our patented precision dice are the highest possible quality.

Marc Dellerba

Precision dice pair, Multiple Colors and Sizes

Wes Biles
Precision Dice

You can't play this board game without dice, do why take a bus when you can soar in a jet. Precision Dice are the only way to travel on my new Backgammon Board from Galaxy.

Curtis Pfaffle
14mm Precision dice

Love the dice I received. The red and orange colors are great and the dice are perfect with my FM Gammon Colorado board!

ghencu mihai ionut

Precision dice pair, Sizes 12.7mm (1/2”) or 14.3mm (9/16”), Multiple colors, For backgammon or dice Games, Made by Backgammon Galaxy