Marc Olsen’s 4 Product Reviews After a Long Week of Tournament Play

Marc Olsen’s 4 Product Reviews After a Long Week of Tournament Play

Marc Olsen's Insights on Backgammon Gear: A Player's Perspective

Marc Olsen, a seasoned backgammon player, recently participated in the Gibraltar Open Backgammon Championship, where he experienced intense matches that tested not only his skills but also his gear preferences. In the heat of competition, Marc shared some valuable insights into the gear he finds most effective for enhancing his gameplay experience.

With the constant flow of new backgammon products even the elite players may find new products to substitute the old.

So what did Marc experience?

Embracing the Advantage of Small Dice

In the world of backgammon, every detail matters, even the size of the dice. Marc Olsen appreciates the lighter feel of shaking smaller dice (size 12.7mm, 1/2”), which is less obtrusive in a long game compared to shaking larger dice. This preference highlights the practicality and comfort smaller dice offer during extended gameplay sessions.

The Tempest: A Superior Backgammon Clock

Among the various accessories available to backgammon enthusiasts, Marc Olsen holds the Tempest in high regard. He declares, "Tempest is superior to all other clocks," emphasizing its superiority over other timekeeping devices commonly used in backgammon matches. With its high resolution (using a mobile screen) and user-friendly design, the Tempest enhances the overall gaming experience. The most important feature being the tactile feel of the beautiful clock stand, rather than a plastic chinese clock.

Tempest clock with Earth board

Galaxy Dimensions: A better vision and less stretching.

In his encounter with “longer” boards, where you can stack 12 or more checkers in the height dimension, Marc Olsen re-discovered the superiority of Galaxy Dimensions, which he himself pioneered with the Galaxy team. According to Marc, "Galaxy dimensions are superior for those long boards," offering a practical solution for players engaged in intense matches where every inch of the board matters. With optimal dimensions, “Galaxy Dimensions” (only stacking 11 or less checkers in the height dimension) provide players with an optimized playing experience.

  • Your gaze more easily grasp the whole surface and you avoid making oversights and ultimately your performance will be better.
  • In a crowded space you can more easily find room to set your board.
  • During hours of play you avoid having to literally stretch your body and arm to reach checkers.
  • All of these benefits without compromising the luxury feel of large boards.
galaxy dimension adventure board in nebula colors (purple)

The Pleasure of a Wide Bar

Marc Olsen values a wide bar in backgammon boards, as it provides a stable surface for placing checkers without the risk of them sliding off. Additionally, he mentions that a wide bar gives a good tactile feeling, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game. This preference reflects the importance of comfort and stability in creating an optimal playing experience.

In conclusion, Marc Olsen's insights shed light on the importance of selecting the right gear for backgammon enthusiasts. From dice size to board dimensions and the width of the bar, every aspect of the equipment contributes to the overall gaming experience. By embracing superior gear such as the Tempest and Galaxy Dimensions, players like Marc Olsen can elevate their gameplay to new heights of precision, comfort, and enjoyment.


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