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How to Not Suck at Backgammon, by Marc Olsen, Online Interactive E-Book

How to Not Suck at Backgammon, by Marc Olsen, Online Interactive E-Book

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Embark on an Interactive Backgammon Journey!

Elevate Your Skills Easily with the Interactive E-Book version of "How to Not Suck at Backgammon." This meticulously crafted digital edition is designed for beginners and intermediates who aspire to reach advanced player status.

Grandmaster Marc Olsen, with 18 years of backgammon expertise, brings his teachings to life in this dynamic e-book. What sets it apart? An immersive learning experience enriched with interactive elements and exclusive video lessons for Part 1.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Elements: Dive into a learning adventure with interactive quizzes strategically placed throughout the book. These quizzes not only test your understanding but also provide instant feedback, making the learning process engaging and effective.

  2. Video Lessons: Elevate your comprehension with exclusive video lessons accompanying Part 1. Grandmaster Olsen personally guides you through crucial concepts, providing a visual dimension to your learning and offering insights that go beyond the printed page.

  3. Comprehensive Content: The e-book retains the structure of the printed version, offering 20 fundamental rules to avoid blunders in backgammon. From checker-play strategies to cube action insights, each section is expertly crafted to build your skills systematically.

  4. Practical Examples: Grandmaster Olsen's approach mirrors private lessons, using practical examples and logic to instill essential knowledge. Say goodbye to unnecessary math and game theory – this e-book focuses on developing pattern recognition through real-world scenarios.

  5. Accessible to All: Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, the e-book is designed to be easily readable. The user-friendly format ensures that everyone, regardless of their backgammon background, can grasp and apply the concepts effortlessly.

Important Note: Kindly note that our eBooks are accessible solely via our online academy platform. They are not downloadable files. Access requires an active account and internet connection. This approach enables interactive content and copyright protection.

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Customer Reviews

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Michal Kučera
Great title

Great book to read! Thank you Marc. Pattern recognition is pure gold. It improved my game by a lot!!!

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