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Backgammon Galaxy

Innovative Folding Dice Tower by Backgammon Galaxy

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Unmatched Benefits

There is one word that describes the Backgammon Galaxy foldable dice tower: Unmatched.

It is the most:

  • Silent
  • Light
  • Easy to transport
  • Versatile
  • Robust - does not break easily with no plastics used
  • Best price compared to competitors

Save valuable time

Rolling you dice with a dice tower saves valuable time compared to rolling with a dice cup. In a tournament setting this leaves you more time on the clock to focus on your game.

No fumbling on the floor

With a dice tower your dice will never fly uncontrollably on the floor. You will also avoid dealing with cocked dice.

Enjoy the Silence

A lot of dice towers and baffle boxes look beautiful to the eyes but create havoc on your ears. The Backgammon Galaxy dice tower features a noise reduction design that lets you enjoy your game in silence. You won’t find a more silent dice tower.

Easy Transport

Transporting your foldable dice tower is very easy. It can be easily folded into shape in a matter of seconds, and fits within any backgammon board.

Unfolds in seconds

The dice tower is very easy to assemble and pop-up. It is one coherent piece that easily snaps into place using well-placed magnets. When you’re done playing you can collapse it in seconds as well.

Don’t limit yourself

You can use the dice tower for a lot of other social games than Backgammon:

  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
  • Yahtzee
  • Ludo
  • Your favorite board game


Imperial (centimeters) Folded Unfolded
Height 0.4 (1) 6.9 (17.5)
Width 6.3 (16) 3.5 (9)
Length 6.9 (17.5) 3.2 (8)

Perfect companion for an Earth Board

Consider adding the dice tower to your Earth board where you can neatly place it on the checker box next to the board.

Troubleshoot Bulging

Some new dice towers bulge out a bit because the materials are still rigid. It is easy to fix and works every time! Just follow these easy steps or read this blog post.

dice tower, instruction to fix issue

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The best fold-flat dice tower I could find

There aren't many fold-flat dice towers out there, and most of them are too small for comfort. This one is large enough that you don't have to take careful aim when throwing the dice in the chute. I do wish for a bit more dice action: you really need to slightly throw the dice in (or toss them in from a dice cup) rather than drop the dice in for them to bounce around enough. This is really the only functional issue that I have, but enough to knock off a star. At regular price, I'd say it's a bit on the expensive side, but I also couldn't find a better fold-flat dice tower, so there's that.


What a great dice roller. No more do I have to frown at the 'dice sliders' sliding their dice out of the dice cup!! - this superb Dice Tower is just the ticket. Beautifully made and sturdy, which sits great on my new Void Backgammon Board. An absolute 'must have' addition for any level of backgammon player.

Eddie Rodriguez
Short of perfect but really really good

I'd say based on the YouTube video that made me buy it, the tower doesn't magnetically lock in the way demonstrated i.e the magnets aren't that strong. Definitely no clicking and not the most sturdy thing but, for the purposes it was designed for, it works very very well- so it's great in that regard. I've seen comments that said pretty much the same things I've said. So overall definitely four stars but not five.


Excellent quick draw dice tower. Very satisfying sound as the dice run through it! Will definitely be present at every game I play.

Henry Koechel

The dice tower is very pleasing. It's very quiet. A real recommendation!