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Book Coming Soon: The Zizka Method

A Backgammon Book Classic is Coming

During the last few months we have been working on editing and preparing Zdenek Zizka’s first backgammon publication “The Zizka Method - Dominating Backgammon Through Storytelling”.

Zdenek and Backgammon Galaxy decided to join forces, and Zizka had a first draft ready very fast after working long nights.

At Backgammon Galaxy we want to live up to our mantra of quality over quantity. We also wanted to honor the trust bestowed on us by Zdenek. He is a well known name in backgammon, and publishing his first book is a privilege. So we have done what we could to make it a privilege for him too!

About the book

The book is Zizka’s facinating take on deeply understanding the game. He doesn’t like the type of backgammon where you rely only on rules of thumb. Instead his method forces you to actually think about a position rather than just going by fast and easy pragmatic rules.

Thinking fast and slow

His method is reminiscent of the psychological insights from the famous psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman who vowed the world with his insights about the human mind. In his well-established theories the mind uses two “systems” - one fast and one slow. The fast system is good at detecting patterns, but doesn’t work well with complexity and uncertainty. The slow system is used to break down and understand complexity. Obviously, Zizka’s book outlines this kind of slow thinking and how to do it for backgammon.

Release expected soon

The book has been released from printing and is expected ready for shipping very soon!

A Special Thanks

We had the pleasure of getting a helping hand from Cameron Templeton who did an amazing job on doing the last round of proof reading. With his help the book was elevated to a really professional level. Thanks Cameron!

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