Earth Luxury Backgammon Set Review

Review of the Backgammon Galaxy “Earth” Backgammon Set

NOTE this article is about the version 1 of the Earth board. Find the 2nd generation Earth board HERE

Getting up close

In this blog post we are going to get in-depth and up-close to our luxury backgammon board aptly named “Earth” so you can see all the details of the package. Read all the way through to find the hidden feature of this board!

Let the unpacking begin!

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set

The first thing that meets us is the quality carrying bag. The board fits easily inside.

On the outside of the case we can see a golden colored logo plate showing the Backgammon Galaxy logo. We also get the first look at the beautiful natural grain of the wood.

Earth Luxury Backgammon logo

Let’s open it up!

We are presented with not one, but two dice trays! One is the standard wooden dice tray while the other is the light-weight bag. Let’s skip the light-weight bag for later and focus on the main set.

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set

We pull off the lid of the dice tray to reveal all the accesories of the set. It is also worth noting that the tray actually snaps to the inside with magnets!

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set

The finish of the tray is really wonderful. All the items fit snuggly inside. Well done by the skilled carpenters.

Why this board and not another?

The Earth board solves a very basic problem with all other backgammon boards - they are often large and heavy to take on the go. The Earth board rethinks the typical design by seperating the dice trays into a standalone unit.

Taking away the tray we can easily see how the overall size is smaller than what we’re used to:

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set

But it sure does look beautiful with the dice trays next to it!

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set

The Accessories

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set dice and checkers

The most stunning thing to note are the green checkers! Each piece has a unique swirl effect and a finger-dish style form.

The cube and dice cups are clearly made to match the frame and all the colors nicely compliments each other. It’s a great little feature that the cube can hold the dice inside.

Earth Luxury Backgammon Cube

The color palette is simply stunning in real life! Also note the little magnet here that holds the dice tray in place.

Earth Luxury Backgammon Checkers

Ultra travel mode

Let us have a closer look at the lightweight carrying bag.

All the items fit easily inside. On the outside it also has a seperate carrying strap. 

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set


The MagFit Surface System

The Earth board has a cool hidden feature. The playing surfaces are actually attached magnetically! This system is named and patented as “MagFit”.

MagFit logo

The benefit of this is that you may replace an old worn playing surface with a new one or simply give it a gentle cleaning and ironing. Even better you may have several styles and colors for one board!

Backgammon Galaxy has promised to make even more styles available. It will be like having 3 or 4 boards for the price of one!

To lift the surface you simply use the magnet that comes for free with the set.

Earth Luxury Backgammon Set Magfit

The Bottom Line

The Backgammon Galaxy Earth luxury backgammon set is a great investment in both beauty, quality and usability. The price tag is 899 USD, but you will also get the option to cheaply add even more styles, rather than having to buy many seperate boards.

It’s a sure thing if you are looking to add a board for a life-time or a family heirloom to keep for generations.

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