The Subtile Feature That Makes GMs Love the Galaxy Boards.

The Subtile Feature That Makes GMs Love the Galaxy Boards.

Some don’t understand

We saw a comment that the Galaxy boards have a special layout, as if the layout is a mistake. The particular feature is that the points on Galaxy boards stack 10 1/2 checkers from one side to the next:

earth board checkers

This is maybe one of the most CRUCIAL features of our boards. Why?

Why Grand Masters Love Our Boards

The feature of 10 1/2 checkers is a brainchild of GM Marc Olsen. Normally a board has a lot of space for at least 12 checkers and then some. What happens in this traditional layout?

The board becomes HUGE! What is the consequence?

Your peripheral vision simply can’t see everything. You will have blindspots. You will make numerous mistakes and blunders during a match simply from this weakness! Guaranteed. That wonderful double you just rolled? Well, now it is wasted on a bad decisions because you missed a checker in the corner of the board…

When playing to win you have to play your A game. It doesn’t make sense to move your head around to just see the checkers! We got rid of the blind spots with the 10 1/2 checker layout.

This is why Grand Masters love our design. They can focus on the game and won’t be derailed by an overly large board.


Now You Know

Now you understand the deeply meaningful reason we have this layout. Honestly, this is the best layout and we will never go back to the traditional way.

We’re proud to make our products and embed every little piece of knowledge into them!


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