Rigged Dice T-shirt

Rigged Dice!!

Today were unveiling the newest Backgammon Galaxy design.

rigged dice t-shirt backgammon galaxy shop

What is this design about?

It's about human nature!

Our beloved game is full of twists and turn, volatility and flair. The dice are never predictable.

Many players simply cannot accept their fate. In the midst of their frustration you can hear them scream: RIGGED DICE!!

It is even said that this statement travels through our galaxy faster than light soon to hit our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Maybe it will be the first contact with a distant civilization.

The truth, however, is simple. The dice are not rigged against you.

Experienced players know this.

Therefore we made this shirt as a comical tip-of-the-hat to Backgammon Galaxy's most loyal defenders.

A Badge of Honor

When you buy this shirt you will enter into the club of Backgammon Galaxy players who like a bit of sarcasm.

Wear it as a badge of honor - as someone who has seen and understood the crazyness of the game.

Deluxe quality

The design is hand-crafted to perfection by our in-house designer. The font is custom made to capture the emotion of the statement.

rigged dice t-shirt backgammon galaxy shop

Anger is lightning and so are the I's of the design.They capture the sudden bust of frustration in the statement. 

Sitting snuckly above and below the text you will find a piercing double fours thatenter ominously from behind to crush the spirit of the defeated backgammon player

The design is placed upon the yin to its yang - black to white - to once again showcase the sudden contrast of emotions from one moment to the next.

Imagine this

You're playing against a dreaded foe. He doesn't take his bad luck lightly and starts complaining. You then slowly take off your sweater or unzip your hoodie to reveal the hidden taunt underneath: "RIGGED DICE!". Now you really got him fuming!

Our pledge to you

  1. The shirt will become a talking point to any dice gambler.
  2. The quality will not disappoint you!

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