Revealing the 2 new boards! (Adventure & VOID board)

Revealing the 2 new boards! (Adventure & VOID board)

You Should be Excited

We are proud to a whole new level of what we have achieved.

A big fear when creating a new product is whether others will like it. This time we don’t have any fear.

We have butterflies in our gut for these new boards. It is impossible you will not feel the same!

The Adventure Board

A short unboxing of the Adventure board with Nebula style surface and checkers. The surface is not in its final version here, but the vision and overall look of the board is clear.

The Adventure board is a luxury travel board. You may recognize the form factor as the board is modeled on the Earth board dimensions - but scaled down into a smaller package.

It’s cute, it’s lightweight, it’s sexy!

The VOID Board

Nothing is like the VOID board. The whole package is a black monolith that cuts a sharp contrast into any room. Put it on a table and passers by will be transfixed by its appeal. EVERYTHING is molded around darkness. It took courage to make this concept a reality, but it just looks amazing and plays just as well!

The surface is the same size as the Earth board, so any Earth board owner can easily swap in their other inlay styles if they want.

We are still making the finishing touches to the checkers, but everything else is complete.

void backgammon board

void backgammon board

For the VOID board we’re bringing back the Card of Authenticity. The cards will read “Batch 1” on the back though the first 10 boards will have a unique backcover reading “Board 1”, “Board 2” etc. These 10 boards will be sold on auctions on the shop, and will be a special leather version with accessories.

VOID card of authenticity

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You can read more about the Void board here  

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