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How to Not Suck at Backgammon, by Marc Olsen, Print book, Softcover

How to Not Suck at Backgammon, by Marc Olsen, Print book, Softcover

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Elevate Your Skills Easily

This backgammon book is tailor-made for beginners and intermediates who want to elevate their skills to an advanced player level.

It contains 20 fundamental rules on how to avoid making blunders – knowledge that all grandmasters possess instinctively but might not be obvious to less advanced players.

With 18 years of experience in competing, studying, writing books, and giving private lessons, Grandmaster Marc Olsen has compiled a book equivalent to how he would teach in private lessons to a new player.

It’s the ultimate guide for beginners and intermediates. Its structure is based on practical examples of ideas and logic, training the reader’s pattern recognition without delving into unnecessary math and game theory.

The book is easy to read for everyone, and the three quiz sections make it a super fun and interactive experience.


Part I: Rules on How to Avoid Checker Play Blunders
Part II: Quiz for Strategic Understanding
Part III: Train Your Pattern Recognition
Part IV: Checkerplay Quiz
Part V: Rules on How to Avoid Cube Action Blunders
Part VI: Cube Action Quiz

About the Author

Marc Olsen (Grandmaster), famous from YouTube, CEO of Backgammon Galaxy and author of four bestsellers: From Basics to Badass, Pure Strategy, Cube Like a Boss, and Masterclass (co-written with Super Grandmaster Masayuki Mochizuki). Marc Olsen is currently ranked no. 13 in the world on the UBC skill-based ranking list.

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Customer Reviews

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Sebastiaan Kuijs
Super books for beginner and intermediate players

Really like this book so good reference positions for beginning And intermediate players. I don't count myself at this level anymore but it's a good book just too refresh your mind or gift as a present for your beginning friends.

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