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Backgammon Galaxy

Talat, Supreme Luxury Backgammon Set, FM Gammon

Talat, Supreme Luxury Backgammon Set, FM Gammon

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Stunning Luxury

The Talat set wows you in its presence. You’ll first notice the grandeur of its size, which immediately fills the room and draws attention.

Upon getting closer you will see the striking beauty conveyed by the perfect harmony of the autumn colors orange, maroon, and mahogany.

Hidden underneath the beautiful exterior lies the innovative Magfit inlay solution that makes it possible to customize and add any style you desire by easily swapping the surface design.

The Talat is the Rolls Royce of backgammon sets and will leave your desires for a dream board totally fulfilled!


Watch Mete, Co-Founder of FM Gammon, Unpack the Set (Premium+ Version)

Why the name “Talat”?

As an act of respect and honor, Fuat Erdag named this backgammon set after his friend Talat, as great friendships are held in high regard in Turkish culture.

The MagFit Surface System

Easily replace or change the style of your board with the removable surface inlays.

The system is invented and patented by FM Gammon and allows you to lift and remove the inlays with a simple magnet solution.

MagFit surface system logo

“Normal” or “Premium” Package?

The Talat is the cornerstone in any backgammon collection, where nothing should be missing.

In the Normal Package you’ll get:

  • 40mm FM Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage
  • FM Scoreboard
  • 2x Dice Cups
  • 2x FM Precision Dice (14mm)
  • 1 set (30 pcs) Checkers
  • Special Strong Magnet
  • Black Vegan Leather Carry Bag

In the Premium Package we add:

  • Genuine Leather Dice Storage
  • Genuine Leather FM Scoreboard
  • Genuine Leather Score Notebook Cover
  • Genuine Leather Wallet
  • Genuine Leather Carry Bag (as pictured in the gallery)
  • An extra set of MagFit inlays, in any style you desire (Leave a note on the cart page during checkout or send us an email). For custom inlays allow 15 days lead time.

Only on the Galaxy Shop:

When ordering from the Backgammon Galaxy shop you can add any of our famous Galaxy styles to your FM Gammon set or choose it as your default. Just write a note when checking out about which style you want.

Choose between the Neptune, Earth, or Mars style to add the Galaxy magic!

Why does Backgammon Galaxy endorse FM Gammon?

“Ever since I bought my first FM Gammon board I knew we had to partner with them for our own projects. The quality and innovation coming out of their workshop is unparalleled. It will be my honor to bring their products to the attention of even more people around the world.”

Marc Olsen, Backgammon Galaxy CEO

marc olsen, fuat erdag, backgammon galaxy, fm gammon

Marc Olsen and Mete (FM Gammon Co-Founder)

Customer Service - Get Special Attention

Backgammon Galaxy has a unique relationship with FM Gammon and its very own customer service channel directly linking us together.


Free Shipping + Safe Delivery

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are - we will ship the set free of charge in a sturdy box to ensure it arrives safely at your home. We ship from Istanbul, Turkey. Customs and duties may apply depending on your location.

Details and Specifications 

    Backgammon Set Dimensions:
    Closed Length: 56,6cm
    Closed Width: 38,8cm
    Closed Height: 8cm

    Open Lenght : 57cm
    Open Width: 78cm
    Open Height: 4cm
    Weight: 5,9kg
    Backgammon Set Materials: 
    Case Material 1: Long Lasting Exclusive Mohagony Wood
    Exterior Surface: High-Quality Leather
    Case Color: Brown
    Surface Material: Specially produced FM fabric that provides unique satisfaction for the checker glide and dice movements.
    Surface Height: 54cm
    Surface Width: 27cm
    Clasp Style: Metal (Silver Plated)
    Handle: High-Quality Leather ( Brown )

    Suitable Backgammon Checker Sizes:
    Diameter: 44,5 mm 
    Thickness: 12 mm 
    Material: Polyester and Acrylic
    Style: Optional
    Weight: 20gr - 22gr (1pcs)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Petra Tomczak
    Magnetic button

    Beautiful board. Looks valued. We enjoy to play it every day. Only one thing we want you to know. If there’s only one inlay in the board, it is nearly impossible to lift it with the magnetic button. This is due to the very strong magnetic bottom in the board itself.Your magnetic button fixes the board rather than the inlay. Yours sincerely, Petra Tomczak.

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