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Backgammon Galaxy

Masayuki Mochizuki

Masayuki Mochizuki

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Excellence meets Experience

In the backgammon world one man needs almost no introduction. Masayuki nicknamed “Mochy” has raised the Backgammon World Championship Trophy in 2009, and has won countless other big tournaments:

  • Las Vegas Open
  • Nordic Open Super Jackpot
  • the European Pro Championships
  • the Chicago Open
  • the Texan Backgammon Championship
  • 5k high roller event in Melbourne Backgammon International 2020
  • the first UBC championships

Know for his machine-like precision he has achieved the lowest Performance Rating with  in history in the standard-setting BMAB federation with his 2.5 PR.

An eager teacher

Through the years Mochy has attracted students from all levels of play. Many people are familiar with his teaching brilliance from tournament seminars where even the most advanced participants have been presented with unique insights.

He has held more than 50 seminars in countries world wide:

Japan, US, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Turkey, Monaco, France, South Africa, Cyprus, Croatia, and even more.

Ask any participant - his knowledge is always unique, thoughtful and impactful to your game!

Fast-pace or polish off your skills

If you’re a high level player Mochy can polish off every possible aspect of your game.

If however, you’re an intermediate player he can offer you a fast-tracked curriculum to grow your game quickly.

A tailored experience

Maybe you’re looking to improve your cube play or opening theory? It doesn’t really matter when you’re being taught by the world’s best - he’s got you covered.

Mochy will pin-point your weakpoints and lay out the perfect plan for you.

The teaching process

After paying for the desired hours the teaching plan is quite simple:

  1. You and your teacher exchange contact details automatically via our shop.
  2. You and your teacher discuss areas of interest and scheduling by e-mail.
  3. Typically teaching begins via Skype or Zoom.

Quite simple right?

Teaching languages

English and japanese

Further questions?

Do not hesitate contacting us to get further clarifications. We want to give you the best learning experience money can buy!


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