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Backgammon Galaxy

The VOID Board, 2nd Generation, Aurora Edition, Interstellar Series, Luxury Backgammon Set, by Backgammon Galaxy

The VOID Board, 2nd Generation, Aurora Edition, Interstellar Series, Luxury Backgammon Set, by Backgammon Galaxy

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Dark. Mysterious. Modern

Everything about the luxurious VOID backgammon board is about giving in to the total darkness of deep space.

The lack of distracting colors and shapes creates an illusion of a surface floating in nothingness.

No other board comes remotely close to giving the player the same breathtaking experience as when you first see the set.

A Black Monolith

The VOID board is part traditional, but wholly modern luxury backgammon set.

Carefully rounded corners, jet-black paint, stricking sharps lines and seductive inlays create a black monolith that is unmatched in the backgammon world.

Colors That POP

Each Backgammon Galaxy inlay style is guaranteed to sharply cut through the darkness of the board leaving an impressive vibrance. You can buy the VOID board with any of the irresistable Backgammon Galaxy styles.

The dark board makes the colors of the added inlays burst from vibrancy.

Use your Earth Board MagFit Inlays too

Since the dimensions are as the Earth board every Earth board owner can insert their other inlays perfectly into the VOID board.

What is MagFit?

MagFit is a magnetic surface inlay system that makes it easy to swap in a new inlay. It takes about ten seconds to transform the look of your board completely!

Why GMs love our Boards - Perfect Overview

The inner dimensions of the playing surface are exactly as you know them from the Earth board. This provides you with the best playing experience as your eyes can easily grasp the whole playing surface without any blindspots.

Read more about this feature here

Don't worry - No scratches

The outside of the board has protective vegan leather covering the case. You can set that board anywhere without having to worry about scratching the dark

Carry bag

Your board will have a beautiful carry bag included.

Basic Information

Void board measurement

What comes with the set

  • Backgammon board with "Aurora" styled removable playing surfaces
  • Doubling cube
  • Two dice cups
  • A set of “Aurora” styled checkers
  • Elegant carrying bag
  • 2 pairs of precision dice (sent separatly)

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Customer Reviews

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Frank Berger
A good choice

IMHO there is no board that has not something that could be improved, so start with the cons:
- the magfit inlays smelled a bit, but after some days with the board open it is ok
- the checkers were too matt/dull for my taste. Some resin polish and manual polishing during a TV-Show gave them the silky gloss they deserve

The pros:
- the contrast of the checkers, field and board is well balanced, not too much, not to less. Works well under any lighting conditions, very pleasant for the eyes.
- I like that the board is not so deep (only 10 checkers in one row) for better overview and easier reachability
- having the checker in 3 trays instead of 1 long makes it easy to see how many checkers are born off (e.g. 7 or 8)
- the large cube fits nicely
- a carrying bag helps to avoid scratches in the surface
- I was reluctant to buy a luxury board for a long time, because I was afraid of the one accidentally spillilng a drink or having worked at his car and still have some oil at it’s fingers. Or a scratch in the surface when in the train.
The magfit makes it easy to replace the surface in case of an red wine accident or if you simply like some other colors and most(all?) damages in the case could easily be fixed with some wood cement and/or a bit color. So you could enjoy your board and stay relaxed. I think this is the unique selling point of the Void boards.

Overall a really good board.

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